/Ik'stenSFn/ noun
1 EXTRA ROOMS (C) another room or rooms which are added to a building: The extension to the National Museum houses the Picasso collection.
a) one of many telephone lines in a large building which all have different numbers: extension number: My extension number is 3821.
b) one of two or more telephones, usually in someone's house, which all have the same number: Can you put an extension in the bedroom?
3 EXTRA TIME (countable usually singular) an additional period of time given to someone in order to finish a job, pay money that they owe etc: Donald's been given an extension to finish his thesis. | The pub's got an extension tonight. (=it will stay open longer than usual)
4 ELECTRIC WIRE (C) also extension lead BrE extension cord AmE an additional piece of electric wire used when the wire you already have is not long enough: Use the extension when you cut the grass.
5 CONTROL/INFLUENCE (singular uncountable) a process in which someone's or something's influence or control increases
(+ of): the extension of the copyright laws to cover recorded material
6 MAKING STH BIGGER (singular uncountable) the process of making a road, building etc bigger or longer
(+ of): the proposed extension of the London-Cambridge motorway
7 by extension used before mentioning something that is naturally connected to or is a natural result of something else: My primary responsibility is to the company, and by extension to the people who work for it.
8 UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE (U) part of a British university or college that offers courses to people who are not full time students: extension course (=a course done by people who cannot study full time)
a) a process in which you stretch a part of the body: I had physiotherapy to improve the extension of my right hand.
b) the position of a part of the body when it is stretched: Your leg should now be at full extension.
extensive /Ik'stensIv/ adjective
1 covering a large area: The house stands in extensive grounds. | extensive damage/repairs etc: The storm caused extensive damage.
2 containing or dealing with a lot of information and details: The abortion issue has been the subject of extensive debate.
— extensively adverb: Despite reading extensively, I still failed the exam. — extensiveness noun (U)

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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